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Port Consolidated is the preferred distributor of the most known brands in the US Market


Chevron Lubricants provide advanced products for industrial, Commercial, and Consumer applications. Around the world, the Chevron and Havoline brands are recognized for a legacy of technological innovation, performance, and reliability.

Port Consolidated is a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubricant Marketer, servicing the United States with top quality Chevron Lubricants for every application. As one of the largest Chevron Marketers in the United States, Port Consolidated has the ability and resources to meet your company's lubricant needs.


Castrol offers a range of advanced motor oils for your passenger vehicle, including full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, conventional and diesel.


Castrol also offers several other products for your vehicle, from transmission fluids to greases, from car oil to gear oil and more. Castrol has what you need. 


Our fleet of tankwagons and transport trucks provides wholesale Gas and Diesel to businesses throughout the state.


The Shell, Pennzoil, and Quker State family of brands has long been a leading supplier of outstanding products and services to a range of different industries.  


We can provide you with the full range of oils, greases and additional services to make sure you and your equipment stay on the job.

Superior Service - With our vast experience in the industry we will exceed your expectations and ensure you become a raving fan.

Lubricant Reliability - TekStar Lubricants adhere to the highest quality standards and meet all current specifications within each product category.

Dependable Distribution - Our team has been exporting lubricants for over 30 years and can develop a custom solution to meet your unique delivery needs.


Kendall has all your engine needs when it comes to Heavy Duty or Personal Car Motors. Whether it be Transmission fluid, grease, hydraulic fluid, or gear oil, they keep you running while we make sure you never have to worry about when your next delivery is coming. 

With their elite line of Liquid Titanium® Kendall adds extra protection in your engine where you need it most. 

Valvoline_logo_2005 (1).png

For over 140 years, Valvoline has produced the best quality motor oils - longer than any other oil marketer - and has served the needs of car owners.


Valvoline carefully formulates and offers a full line of motor oils to meet the specific needs of different engine types and driving conditions and to provide maximum performance and prolonged engine life. It's proven technology that you can trust.


Phillips 66 has proven that over 130 years of experience in the energy business can also land you 4th place in the United States for largest finished lubricants. 

The SPN donut on the back of their products ensures that you are getting the latest formulas, which shows that Phillips 66's high end formula is designed for all your modern day engine needs. While we let their formula speak for themselves Port is here to provide you the timely service you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

Our fueling service allows you to reduce operational expenses, improve driver productivity and lower administrative costs.

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