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Port Consolidated stocks a full line of quality automotive products including motor oils, transmission fluids, greases, and coolants from brands you can trust like Chevron, Shell, Penzoil, and Valvoline. Our installed programs help you better manage your store's inventory and provide the best deals on the street to your customers by maximizing the use of premium product incentives and offers.

Whether you are a single truck or a fleet of trucks, we recognize that you have to be highly skilled in a wide variety of jobs to grow your business. That is why Port Consolidated does more than just supply you with lubrication products. We provide solutions that help you improve your bottom line. From oil analysis to helping with inventory management, we are ready to assist your operation.

Heavy Equipment

When you are on a job site your focus is on production. You also have to consider environmental issues, site safety, and workplace regulations. The last thing you want to worry about is your lubrication program. Port Consolidated provides complete lubrication solutions to keep you focused on your bottom line.

Power Generation

Whether you are in ac-hydroelectric, gas, or coal-fired plant, proactive power generation managers have grown to expect round-the-clock reliability, safety, and operational performance. Managing power generation equipment can be demanding. That's why we offer more than high performance turbine oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, bearing greases, and industrial coolants your equipment needs. We also provide valuable information including inventory management, high-tech preventative maintenance programs, oil analysis, and more. With outstanding products, technical expertise in your industry and detailed field support, Port Consolidated has the solutions that help increase up-time, extend equipment life, and and keep your entire plant running more cost-effectively.


Our line of quality products have been formulated to meet the varied demands of the manufacturing industry and the equipment on which it depends. We recognize that every manufacturing process faces unique challenges, and we’re proud to put our expert knowledge to use in offering customizable services for your business, as well as the best lubricants for the job.


If you stopped working after planting, you would only be doing half the job. Likewise, if all we did was sell you lubricants, we would only be doing half of our job. That's why we back everything we sell with a variety of lubrication services, value added extras that help ensure your farming equipment is always operating at peak performance. Our service will help you minimize downtime, maximize drain intervals, and extend the life of your filters and equipment so you can lower operating costs. That's our job, day and night.

When it comes to Marine lubricants and fuels, Port Consolidated has you covered from stem to stern. We are one of the largest suppliers of marine lubricants and fuels in the country because we offer an exceptional line of quality marine lubricants. All our lubricants are fully approved by OEMs, and everything we sell is backed by ISO accreditation.

We carry a full line of ValvTect Marine products. ValvTect Marine Gasoline is specially formulated for your marine gasoline engine. It requires no additional fuel additives to protect your engine, eliminating any risk of improper additive use and saves time and money.


When you want outstanding performance, choose Port Consolidated. Our extensive supply availability means you can rest assured that the products you need are available at all the major ports in Florida and the surrounding region.


Port Consolidated has a fuel dock in Fort Pierce, FL and a fully certified ValvTect dock in Fernandina Beach, FL.


We are USCG approved at every port in the state of Florida


Fully certified ValvTect dock in Fernandina Beach, FL.


We carry a full line of ValvTect Marine products.

We offer a complete line of aviation products featuring AeroShell lubricants, including piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, hydraulic fluids, products for industrial customers and more.

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