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With over 135 years in the motor oil business Kendall has proven to stand the test of time and your engine’s changes that came with it.


From HDMO to PCMO, no matter which spectrum you fall in Kendall has got you covered. Kendall® Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium® protection, gives you and the engines you service the added boost of confidence and protection you need by bonding to your engines hottest parts and successfully forming a shield to protect any engine. When you pick Kendall with Liquid Titanium® you’re picking to extend the life of your engine by choosing to fight wear and grind on a molecular level with the use of titanium strength. Their protection doesn't just stop at the motor oil either, with products from grease, transmission fluid, gear oil, and hydraulic fluid, Kendall has formulated everything you need to keep your assets and customers running safer and longer.

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